MIT Water Night

The MIT Water Night is a family-friendly event to celebrate water with the MIT and local community.  
Come learn about water through research posters, art exhibits, interactive demos, and more.
Working on water? Come share your passion with a broad audience. 



Event Details

Tuesday, February 26, 2019, 6 to 9 PM
MIT, Walker Memorial, 142 Memorial Drive

Abstract Submissions Open until February 7 

Join the team!

Want to help out? If you want to gain experience in event organising, marketing, outreach, artistic and scientific content development, and other activities, please send an email to water-night@mit.edu

Call for Presenters: Open until February 7

Are you working in water? If so, then the MIT Water Night is for you!
Anything water-related is fair game, whether it’s a cool photo, cutting-edge research, a thought-provoking poem, an educational demo, or more…
Got something to share? Tell us more below: