LEADERSHIP 2019-2020


Patricia Stathatou


Patricia is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms, after winning the Bodossaki Scholarship for Research. Her research focuses on the development of a novel biotechnological platform for removing heavy metals and drugs from water. She graduated from the School of Civil Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece (NTUA), in 2011, and she holds a PhD on water reuse and recycling from the School of Chemical Engineering of NTUA (2017). She has valuable research experience from numerous EU-funded research projects mainly focusing on integrated water resources management, water purification and wastewater treatment and reuse. She likes collaborating and building relationships with people of different nationalities and disciplines, while she enjoys communicating science to the general public. Furthermore, she loves water skiing and year-round swimming.

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Andrew Bouma


Andrew received his bachelor’s degree in engineering with a mechanical concentration from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and his S.M in mechanical engineering from MIT. He is now working on his PhD at MIT, studying the energy efficiency and thermodynamics of desalination and brine concentration technologies. “I’ve enjoyed working with all the passionate and curious people involved with the Water Club. Thinking about and working on water issues that go far beyond the scope of my research topic has helped me to better understand the bigger picture and context in which I’m working and helped me to make valuable connections outside my own research area.”

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Grace Connors

Vice President

Grace is an incoming masters student in Mechanical Engineering at MIT, which is also where she completed her undergraduate degree. She is working on optimizing solar powered desalination systems in India, and she is particularly interested in the economics of producing water. “I'm excited for the MIT Water Summit as an opportunity to spread the word about all the research relating to water happening at MIT!”

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Adrian Mikhail Garcia

MIT Water Summit Director

Adrian is a PhD student in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Applied Ocean Science & Engineering. He studies the dynamics of estuaries, with a focus on understanding transport mechanisms which affect the length of salinity intrusion. Prior to joining MIT, he studied Civil & Environmental Engineering at University of Pittsburgh. Adrian is the director of this year’s Water Summit, and he would like everyone to know that his favorite fruit is the mango.

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Jeffrey Tedmori

MIT Water Innovation Prize Co-Director

Jeff is a first-year MBA candidate at MIT Sloan School of Management pursuing the Sustainability Certificate. Prior to Sloan, Jeff was living in Southern California, working for Patagonia in various functions including accounting, Finance, and most recently Corporate Development. As a member of the Corporate Development Team, Jeff was conducting due diligence and managing deal flow for Patagonia’s Corporate VC, Tin Shed Ventures. At MIT, Jeff plans to focus on impact-driven startups in the water space that address global issues related to fisheries and marine plastic pollution. Jeff is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for backpacking (John Muir Trail, 2018) and all hobbies related to the ocean: fishing, diving, surfing, and sailing. Jeff’s internal mission is to use business to preserve the world's oceans.

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Javier Renna

MIT Water Innovation Prize Co-Director

Javier is a first-year MBA candidate at MIT Sloan School of Management. Javier started his career in investment banking at JP Morgan in Argentina and New York, where he covered clients in the retail and consumer space. After four years, he decided to follow his passion for water sports and sustainability, and partnered with a friend to build a startup making bags and backpacks out of reused kitesurf and boat sails. At MIT, Javier wants to get involved with the water community and find innovative startups that are helping to solve different problems in this space. He graduated with distinctions from McGill University (Montreal, Canada), receiving a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Javier loves the outdoors and has a passion for water sports, mainly surfing and waterskiing.

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Ana Guedes

MIT Water Night Team

Ana is a Civil Engineer and has recently finished her master's degree in hydraulics and sanitary engineering at the São Carlos School of Engineering – University of São Paulo (Brazil). Her research is focused on groundwater mechanics and concerns a theoretical and small-scale experimental study of a high permeability vertical barrier to encapsulate contaminated areas in aquifers.


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Anselmo Cassiano

Lunch & Learn Chair

Anselmo Cassiano holds an MBA in corporate communication FIA/USP.  He is a specialist in negotiation, mediation, crisis emergency and business continuity at MIT.  He has worked in conflict management at Princeton University and in strategy, conflict and cooperation with the Harvard Economics Department.  Previously, he served as 1st Lieutenant while working in the UN Peacekeepers Force in East Timor.

Anselmo loves sports.  He is currently captain of the MIT Shotokan Karate and the Triathlon Teams.  He volunteers with the  MIT co-ed sailing and tennis programs.  Finally, as a Brazilian, Anselmo is crazy about soccer.

At MIT, he studies as a Research Affiliate in Water and Climate Change.  Specifically working with the WASH-Env Water Sanitation Hygiene Environment Innovation program in developing countries.

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Quantum Wei

Leadership Mentor

Quantum is a PhD candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, studying energy-efficient water desalination.  His current work focuses on batch reverse osmosis systems.  He is also interested in science & technology policy and public outreach.  He earned his SM and SB at MIT in mechanical engineering. 

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Yvana Ahdab

Leadership Mentor

Yvana is a PhD candidate in the MIT Mechanical Engineering Department, working with Professor John Lienhard. Her research focuses on increasing the water, energy and fertilizer savings of brackish groundwater desalination for hydroponics and greenhouses.

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