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MIT Water Night 2016

  • Walker Memorial, Building 50 142 Memorial Drive Cambridge, MA, 02142 United States (map)

Thanks to all who presented and attended the 4th annual MIT Water Night!

The MIT Water Night is our flagship research showcase that provides an energizing platform for individuals and research groups to present their latest achievements and work in water-related fields. 

We packed MIT's Walker Memorial with over 200 attendees, heard a great keynote by Dr. Matt Silver (MIT '01, CEO Cambrian Innovation), awarded prizes in five poster categories, and launched the first-ever Freshman Challenge (not to mention the first root beer and orange creamsicle float bar). See below for our winners.

This year we held the first ever MIT Freshman Challenge, sponsored by the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. For the competition, freshmen participants reviewed the posters at the event, chose one that most suited their interests, and proposed an idea or concept for future research or collaborations that would springboard off the posters presented. 

Download the 2016 abstract book HERE.

Desalination and Water Treatment
1st - Natasha Wright "Design of Village-Scale Electrodialysis Desalination Systems"
2nd - Emily Tow "Energy-mismatched solar desalination"

Earth and Oceans
1st - Deepa Rao "The Paradox of the Prochlorococcus: A trait-based approach to modeling ecotype niche differentiation via light and nutrient competition"
2nd - Clifford Goudey "Emission-Free Delivery of Fresh Water Using Solar P.V. and Drone Tugs" 

Teaching in Water, Management, and Human Development
1st - Mark Membreno "Bolivia Bioflush"
2nd - Hugh Magee "Pani Pati Guthi: Public Infrastructure for Community Resilience"

Water Chemistry and Nanotechnology
1st - Brendan Smith "Nanoporous Membranes for Water Filtration"
2nd - Bianca Chaves "Synergy Effect in the Oxidative Degradation of Organic Compounds using Ozonation Combined with Carbon Nanotube Electrochemically Active Filters"

Water Policy
1st - Alaa AlRadwan "Underworlds - A Smart-sewage Platform"
2nd - Sang Cho and Yannis Orfanos "Urban water system and green infrastructure: a data-driven approach"

Freshman Challenge
1st - Vivian Hwang
2nd - Videh Seksorla