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Lunch & Learn: Making sense of water infrastructure renewal: a new challenge, a new approach?

  • 10-401 222 Memorial Drive Cambridge, MA, 02142 United States (map)

In this presentation Jannes Willems will explore how public and private parties are approaching water infrastructure renewal in The Netherlands. Infrastructure renewal is among one of the major challenges western countries are facing the upcoming decades. Yet, so far, countries have been only limitedly developing policies to address this issue. This presentation will discuss not only how water infrastructure renewal is interpreted in three Dutch renewal programmes, but also how this interpretation has led to new strategies for infrastructure planning.

Jannes Willems is a PhD researcher at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands) and currently a Visiting Student at MIT's Environmental Policy & Planning group. His research is funded by the Dutch public agency Rijkswaterstaat, the equivalent of the US Army Corps of Engineers. He holds a Research Master in Regional Studies (with honours) and a Bachelor in Environmental & Infrastructure Planning, both from the University of Groningen. In addition, Jannes has research experience in The Netherlands, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. For more information, please see