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Dive into Climate Change: Special Seminar

Dive into Climate Change: Special Seminar
Thursday, April 19, 6pm
BU Law Auditorium, 765 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
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Climate change adaptations of wild populations from corals to fish: the power of deep genomics

Steve Palumbi is the Director of Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station, Professor in Marine Sciences and Senior Fellow at theSteve and AcroporaStanford Woods Institute for the Environment. Steve has long been fascinated by how quickly the world around us changes. Work on the genomics of marine organisms tries to focus on basic evolutionary questions but also on practical solutions to questions about how to preserve and protect the diverse life in the sea. Steve has lectured extensively on human-induced evolutionary change, has used genetic detective work to identify whales, seahorses, rockfish and sharks for sale in retail markets, and is developing genomic methods to help find ocean species resistant to climate change. Work on corals in American Samoa has identified populations more resilient to heat stress. Work at the Hopkins Marine Station focuses on how sea urchins, abalone and mussels respond to short term environmental changes and to environmental shifts over small spatial scales. (More info)