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Lunch and Learn - Water Treatment in Microgravity

  • 1-150 50 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA, 02139 United States (map)

Come take a break from preparing for finals and finishing off projects at the Water Club Lunch and Learn! This month's lunch and learn will feature a casual presentation from Water Club officer Samantha McBride, regarding water treatment in microgravity. As always, free lunch will be served!

Samantha is a PhD candidate at MIT in Course 2, and works with Professor Kripa Varanasi. In addition to her involvement with the MIT Water Club, Samantha is also the student president for the American Society of Space and Gravitational Research, and has experience in microgravity fluid mechanics research. 

Abstract: Water treatment for manned spaceflight is very important, as it is impossible to tap new water supplies while in space. Even for the International Space Station positioned in Low Earth Orbit, resupply missions are expensive so it is vital to recycle as much water as possible. While there are some expected differences to treating water in space vs. on the ground (ie, inability to use gravity-powered filtration or pumping), the water treatment systems on the ISS have shown some more surprising effects as well. I will discuss these surprising effects and give an overview of current research in microgravity/spaceflight water treatment!