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Urban water system and green infrastructure: a data-driven approach

  • MIT MIT Green Building, Room 54-517 Cambridge, MA 02139 (map)

In this presentation Sang Cho and Yannis Orfanos will present the Zofnass Information Tool on the Urban Water System of Chelsea MA. The scope of the tool is to provide information about the urban water system and the sustainable intervention opportunities that address climatic risks and contribute to the sustainability of our cities. Developing non-expert awareness can facilitate the creation of collaborative platforms for different stakeholders involved in cities to work in unison.

The users of the tool can learn about the water system, its performance, and the geospatial synergies, while they can explore the range of green infrastructure opportunities by their spatial and quantitative impact. The work is based on findings from a data-driven research approach on urban water management and green infrastructure at the Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure at Harvard GSD. 

Sang Cho is a researcher assistant at the Harvard Zofnass Sustainable Infrastructure Program. He is currently focusing on green infrastructure implementation and community vulnerability assessment through a landscape and planning approach. In the past he has worked on a wide variety of geospatial methods that intersects sustainability and health with NGOs, and state agencies.

Yannis Orfanos is an urban scientist and research associate at Harvard GSD. He has been developing tools that synthesize computational, spatial and strategic frameworks through applied research in academia and the industry. His work focuses on integrated infrastructure systems, sustainable urban development, and enabling communities.